Good Friday

Yesterday was Good Friday but I couldn’t manage to go to church because the mass started at 3, and I had class at 2 and I couldn’t leave it because I had to show my ad ideas and sketches to the lecturer. Daniel said there was an 8 pm mass in Sunway church *I dunno what’s the church’s name*, but I still couldn’t go since I had ftv group meeting at 7 pm. Sorry, God…

O yea, so yesterday morning *around 10 am*, I reached college and straight away went to the Hall of Fame to get my photo taken for the iKad. I only needed to wait for another 6 person before me! nice. At first I thought maybe It’s gonna be quite long again, but then I was wrong. Hehehehe…Finished with the photo taking and verification, I moved to the library…Did my ads’ sketches there since I haven’t done it the night before *too tired..hehehe*

So I do do do my work and went to class at 2. Finish class by 4 then I went back home for awhile to eat, and put my stuffs. Then Achie came to my place around 6:30 pm and she puts some of the stuffs *spices* that we’re gonna use for shooting today later. Then we went to campus together with Mata to meet Ee Jien and had group meeting in the library. It’s so nice to be in the library around that hour because there are only a few people there, and as the night grow older, there were only us in the library. Feels like we’re in our own house cause we talked and sometimes laughed out loud. Lol.

Around 9:30 pm, the air con have been switched off. Means in no longer time we’re gonna be shoo-ed away by the librarian. So we packed our stuffs and caw. The three girls *including me..hehe* went to Old Town *kopitiam* to had supper, and we went back home at around 11 pm.

But I didn’t go back home right away. I stayed at Achie’s place beforehand. We had to clean up potatoes and kunyit *arh, what’s the english name for it?* cos they aren’t good looking to be in the frame and shoot *the potatoes look dull when the kunyit are covered with soil*. Oh, and anyway, all of the spices we are going to use for the shooting today are imported from Indonesia. The potatoes, kunyit, lengkuas, kemiri, ketumbar, etc since Sari Ratu uses Indonesian spices at most of the dishes.

And there we go. Geared with two old tooth brusesh, we started to try to get those ugly layers off…

The kunyitS before…

The potato before…

The potato in progress…

Our Art Director brushing potato..huahauahaua…

We brushed brushed brushed brushed…but they still looked ugly!
The potato could be cleaned quite easy *not that easy tho*, but the kunyit…huahh..until tomorrow oso the soil cannot fall off -_-

and finally…


We brushed them with a little help from water..made it much more easier. Lol~After bathing them, we disturbed Mata in her room and began to pot pet pot pet until 2:30 am before I finally went back to my own unit..hauahauahaua….

Ermm..just some random pictures of the properties we’re gonna use…
I didn’t go to my PR class today. I have quite a bad stomachache that woke me up this morning… -_-

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