Happy Easter!

It’s 5:46 in the morning…
Call me crazy or what, but I haven’t sleep yet I am still wasting my time to write some craps here.
I’ve just finished ftv shooting (1st part – spices) at 5: 30 am just now. Started at 7:30 pm and ended at ten hours after that was really tiring. Although we did it at home [Achie n Mata’s unit is the chosen place since there aren’t lots of stuffs in the living room]

My legs are a bit pain now, and so as Achie’s. I guess we did too much stand-kneel-stand-stand-stand-…

And I don’t think I can go to Pulau Kapuk now cos I am going to go to church on 10 am later and I am not sure what time will Mochi picks me up. I sms-ed him just now but he didn’t reply. He is already in Pulau Kapuk I guess. Lol.
But I estimate the time would be around 7:30 or 8…

So now I will just rest for awhile, take bath, take my breakfast *I am so hungry now…*, and caw. Maybe I’m gonna take a short nap otw from Cyberjaya – KL…



p.s: photos of shooting are coming after I have time to transfer them to my laptop…

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