Friday the 13th

Well, actually it’s nothing important bout Friday the 13th. Just wanna post something for fun. Lol

Hmmph…It’s week 12 already. Means 3 more weeks to go to the end of this semester. Means I will graduate soon! =D

But it also means I’m gonna go back to Indo and can hardly see my mochi =(

7 thoughts on “Friday the 13th

  1. ermm…planning to go to china sih nek after dat..maybe around aug/sept.still not sure yet tho..hehehehetepatnya blom jelas..wong semester aja blom abis..hehe..mau santai2 baliknya since ini last sem…

  2. Lol!yea, i found it d. but the 1 i found is damn expensive nek. i’m looking for another place tho. lol.maybe i will try to find it again after this sem ends..rite now i am crazy with assignments. lol

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