Just some random photos…

Dewan Filharmonik Petronas [Jan 2007]
Nokia ad in Low Yat Plaza, BB, KL [March 2007]
Me in Jakarta’s Airport Police’s car..Lol..*I mozaic-ed my face cos I look ugly here..lol*
[Feb 2007]

Yellow tape ad in Sg. Besi, KL [April 2007]
Mini Cooper ad in Bukit Bintang. I think they use a real mini here [April 2007]
See the 1st billboard. Sony Ericsson ad in BB [April 2007]
Some cute tea pot + cup in BB [April 2007]
Nike ad in Mid Valley and my cousin bro in red [Aug 2006]
Cute Teriyaki Boyz on the back of Mochi‘s tee. I love the 2nd from the left.
I call it “sushi man” =D
Another Nike ad with Mochi squatting at the corner [Jan 2007]
Prada cute colorful flats ^^

Ladies’ toilet door *inside view* in Ikano Power Centre. Zoom in the comic* [Jan 2007]

Happy 21st Birthday to Yeni [150407]! Gbu gal ^_^

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