Good Charlotte, anyone?

Suddenly I remember about these Good Charlotte’s free concert tickets in Malaysia.
Wait2..did I say f.r.e.e??

Yup..I got those tickets for free. Last week some guys from mtv asia came to campus and they gave LOTS of GC’s free concert tickets. I dunno exactly how many were they given away la, but it was A LOT! Even one of Mochi’s “brothers” got 4 envelopes, whereby there are 2 tickets in 1 envelope, which means he got 8 free tickets!

Meanwhile, are giving TWO Good Charlotte’s concert tickets on April 21st ’07 away for the listeners. When we heard about that, we just laughed as we could get 4 tickets easily *yea, Mochi took 2*

But, I am not a big fan of Good Charlotte. In fact, I don’t even know their songs, except the “Get Your Hands Off My Girl” which is quite a hit now and I often hear it on the radio, cos I am not a fan of hard core music…*ermm, wait. I think their genre is not really hard roce, izzit??*

So I told Mochi to took those tickets for fun! *He is not a fan of Good Charlotte either. lol*

Are we going to the concert? I dun think so…lol. I’d better use my time to go to other places or to watch philharmonic orchestra or to watch performance in KLPac or to go to some interesting places or…or… lol

4 thoughts on “Good Charlotte, anyone?

  1. Hey.. i’ll get you the philharmonic ticks (box seats).. i frequent MPO too 😀 .. if you trade me the GC ticks.. i really really wanna go.. pls contact me ASAP! 012-6642613.. no scam 😀

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