doodle doodle doo…

thank you dear =D

5 thoughts on “doodle doodle doo…

  1. Wakakaak..dudutz lo nekk..hihihi..U know I alwayz have a hard time explaining this in i usually just said..yeah i’m chinese but born in indo n my whole fam stay there since a long time…

  2. LOL..hahahaha..ahh confusing. yea i noe bout the american born chinese thing. sooo shud we wrote it dat way?hihi..i think i have a better idea. i will just delete dat ‘word’ from my profile. haha…

  3. Well..that’s not true either..because Chinese people won’t count us as Chinese…lol..So may be..Indonesian born Chinese?lol..Cause we have american born chinese here as in anak2 yg bonyokny china but lahir di amrik gitu nek…so, may be that one??!?!lol..GOT NO CLUE!!hihii..

  4. This comment got nothing to do w/ the entry..Sis, I don’t think we are Indonesian Chinese ei..cause Indonesian Chinese means half chinese half indonesian..frankly I don’t think we fit in that category.. Don’t you think so??

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