Nightmare in Virginia

Until now, the news about the Virginia Tech massacre [April 16th 2007] is still on. Well, it’s still a ht topic until today. At least that’s what I read in They said it was the deadliest shooting spree in US history. Gosh!

Thinking bout it, it’s damn scary to have such a disaster in a university. Really scary, especially when you were there, watching the crazy murderer shooting his bullets to anyone regardless of who they are. Watching your fellow classmates falling one by one in front of your very eyes…Blood splatting everywhere…and Cho Seung-Hui giving his psycho grin to you [that’s just my imagination. forget it]

Imagine if I was there and I saw the whole massacring process…32 people killed in that bloody incident…

I bet I will have a deep trauma for the rest of my life…

Deep condolences for the victims, including a 31 year old Indonesian post-graduate student who’s currently studying in VT.

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