Dear grandma,

Today you turned 76…
Happy birthday! ^_^
Thanks for being the best grandma ever! =D

p.s : I miss you and your cooking. When are you gonna come to Jakarta or visit me here in Malaysia?hehehe…and when I called you this morning, I realized that I haven’t seen you for quite some time and it made me miss you even more =)
Do you miss me? I bet you do XD

Lots of love,

your granddaughter

July 1st 2005 – Tjoa family reunion

3 thoughts on “

  1. Yup, gw tanya nyokap gitu..klo gw hokkien pa bkn..gara2 namanya ga ada di chinese skrg blm ketemu2 juga ei..namaku apa di mandarin!!!

  2. Eits..we are from the same area then??*according to moch2* U know the T.. in front of…Other than the fact we are Liem too!!!lol..Is Tjoa from ur dad’s side? I thought u r a Phoa?

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