I’m so happy right now!
Coz my PR group got 8.5/10 for the case study presentation this morning! And what’s more, we get 18.50/25 for the 1st presentation. Huahauahauahaua…Yayyy!!
We didn’t expect them to be that good. Well, for the case study 1 we were kinda confident with it. But for the 1st presentation, it was totally a mess! Even my lecturer said we were lack of information or what I forgot. That’s why we only relied on the report.
We all said that “Haihz…getting 12.50 is good already lar…at least we pass 50%”. Mana tau, we get more than 50%!! Hahahahaha…

And it made three of us *the only pussycat dolls group in class – all girls* jingkrak2 kesenengan. Until Marshella was like o_O when she saw us jumping happily when we went out of the class. Lol.

Ok lar, dunno what else to say. Just wanna say that I am happy happy happy. Now only need to work hard on the exam next 2 weeks…Arghh.. I hate PR exam!

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