Sari Ratu marketing video production

Everybody let’s dance with me! Lalalalaa~

Yay! Finally I’ve finished my MDI and have submitted it today. After almost a month of sleepless weeks, finally I can relax a bit. PR exam has been crossed out of list also. I’ve sit for the paper this morning, with sleepy eyes cos I only slept like 12 hrs in 30+ hours of staying awake to do my work.
Last night was planning to sleep from 10pm – 12:30am only, then I will wake up and finished my MDI report…

But plan was just a plan…

I was overslept until almost 3am!

Haven’t touched my pillow again after that until now…*ah wait..I fell asleep for a few minutes in Mata’s car earlier*

I am sleepy…Yet I’m still blogging…The urge to blog inside me is really strong that I want to write something here…yaa at least a few lines will be ok, I guess?! Lol…

Anyway, I don’t want to write so much now. This post will mostly be photos photos photos photos photos…don’t you just lurve photos?

Photos below were taken during the FTV production. Those I posted here are mostly the cute and stupid one only. hahahaha :p
We took LOTS of photos during our umm..8 days of shooting. Yes, LOTS! 1,209 photos in the folder! it LOTS?hehehehe…


Our 2nd camera operator with her umbrella outside the restaurant
Oh My God! He’s coming! He’s coming! Aaawwwww~ [Lol, I bet you guys will be like -_-” now..hahaha]

See, see?! There he is!!! The one in black shirt! The one and only…Rhoma Irama! The Dangdut King of Indonesia!
(Those who know me will be very -_-“”
Oh, and you, miss, can you see what are you eating through that big sunnies? Excuse me, but you are eating in an INDOOR restaurant. LOL

See, we even brought Achie’s carpet to be used as dolly track. Hahaha…you SHOULD dry clean your carpet after this,

Ok, this scene was funny lar..We had to shoot the Sari Ratu light box up there. So we used jib arm. It wasn’t high enough that we had to extend it to the highest point of it. And it was really high that none of us could see the visual in the LCD except Ee Jien. Lol

Eh, guess what is this??

Cute eh?

Try to guess

Guess already?

So what’s that?

Looks like condom isn’t it? Hihihi…

Yea, they are colorful condoms!

No lar…They are just coffee..hehehehe…

The coffee packaging is so nice laaa..Cute and unique at the same time. Small round shape, vacuumed summore.

Wondering where did Ee Jien get it.

“Oh, I bought it on online”

Haiyaa..if I wanna purchase it, then I will have to cut my expenses really short for the month. Shipping them from the US isn’t cheap, btw. Hahaha..
But I don’t want to buy it anyway. Just like to see it only. I just like to look at cute stuffs. Hahaha

Indonesians, you should know who is the woman whose name is being used as the keripik‘s brand. Lol

I assume the keripik manufacturer is a big fan of her…

The weight used for the jib arm. When I saw the word “fitness” on one of it, I was like “Walao, they didn’t have the original weight for it, izzit? Until they took one from the barbell and gave us that” lol

Our stuffs

See the super ugly ginger there? Those 2 beside the potatoes..
The shapes are like..dunno, just super ugly!

Let me give you a closer look at the ugly ginger…

Like this is much nicer…

So we had this spices shot *pointing to the pic above* where we had to do panning from left to right. Then we used dolly *thanks to Mata’s multiputpose trolley* and two of us tried to pull and push it on the carpet so it will move smoothly..

But too bad, it wasn’t smooth. Thought maybe it was too light and we need to add some weight…

Hahaha…I stood on the trolley and Ee Jien pushed it from behind.

Ehh buthen it was still not smooth enough…


Hahaha..Mata looks like a queen on her throne, isn’t it? With her two “slaves” pushing and pulling the trolley. Lol :p

One of our talents, Kak Mona, the daughter of the owner of Sari Ratu in Malaysia. Achie’s relative. Pretty right?

The other talents. A family. Mata’s relative

Hey, everyone has their relatives to act in the video. Where’s mine??

Yayy! These are mine! I mean the two girls in front. Lol. My dearest housemates =D
The guy is Juan’s friend in church, and the girl in grey…well, no explanation needed. Our producer! =D
Gobo Production crew filling their growling tummy after shooting. Looks so cooperative and hard working? hehehe

Es campur =D

Don’t you just love the food? *tell me you’re drooling pleaseee >.<* =D

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