Viva Gobo!

I’m freeeee!!
After 2 days of sleepless nights, Gobo Production has finally finished the final project! =D
During the last 2 days of editing, which is Monday and Tuesday, we really didn’t sleep at all.

*Btw, did our group name sounds funny? Gobo means a thin circular plate with holes cut in it to create patterns to project lights. Do googling if you are curious. hihihi*

Wait..I got a few minutes of sleeping each day. Approximately for 15-20 minutes…either sleeping over the keyboard of sitting on the sofa…

Ok, so through this post, I’d like to say thank you so MUCH for all of Gobo Production crew who have worked hard for this project. Well done guys!

I’ll never forget those hungry and oh-my-god-it-looks-so-delicious-i-wanna-try-them looks of our classmates during the screening of our corporate video. It’s priceless. Lol. And also when Mr. Faizul said “so hungry lar”.

I’ll never forget what Mr. Letfee and Mr. xxx *ermm…sorry, forgotten the name of the guest lecturer* who marked our work said they love it and it’s an A1 for them [for non-malaysians, A1 is the highest score in exams…followed by A2, A3,…-A9, B1, B2,…etc]!

Hopefully the Curtin’s will like it too >.dag-dig-dug when the presentation was begun. I’ve never, for once, be so afraid to present any FTV project before.

I’ll never forget how all of our expressions (including our classmates) changed once we’ve finished the presentation.

Thanks guys! Wish all of you success in the future ^_^

And now I can sleep…zzzzz…


The crew

FTV class of 2007! Ermm..some are not here, btw

Sari Ratu group [minus Ee Jien] + Sunway Lagoon group [minus Dece] + Ajiq (top left) from KL Bird Park group

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