a story…

the boy once said..

“I am no prince charming, nor am I rich or talented. I am but a simple boy who owns nothing, but a heart which keeps falling in love with you with each passing day.”

and the girl said that she is very lucky to have that simple boy who loves her with all his heart. She couldn’t ask for a better boy as she knows that she has already got someone who is willing to give his everything for her, someone who will always be there for her whenever she needs him, someone who loves her purely and deeply, someone who never ask so much from her.

but once the girl has a thought that many times she has made the boy sad and disappointed with her. she was heart broken to discovered it. then she tried her best to be a better person for him, and they live happily ever after…

10 thoughts on “a story…

  1. Hahaha…ok2..luph ya too little bro..LOL..Sis!!!r u busy or something?no replying my msg..huhuhu…miss u soo….=(Mochi!!tell her to online or someting…tx lil bro..^^

  2. I think I heard this story before…*hmm..wink..wink..*Btw, long time no see nek!!!miss ya sis!!maklum gw ga di ruma slama 1 minggu maren..n now soooo busy..summer classes everyday!!BUT!I’ll make time to chat w/ u soon!!!hihi…hope u haven’t gone back to indo bu that time..LOL!Luph ya my sis!!!!^^

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