Random photos

Don’t you feel that lately my posts were filled with photos? lol.

Free postcards in YTL community office in Starhill!! =D
And the pictures were b.e.a.u.t.i.f.u.l
Ended up I took most of them…lol.
I forgotten what the bar name is. Nice eh? Taken from inside the elevator
I dunno how long that massage chair has been there (Bukit Bintang). As long as I can remember, it has been there since I came to Malaysia to study [Aug 2004]
Sea Master ad. Doesn’t look as nice as the Spritzer’s tho.
Coway ad. Since the Energizer ad, there has been a few products tried to follow it to advertise their products using the ambient media (in this case, the platform of monorail’s track). But this one is also not as nice as the Energizer’s or Spritzer’s

Nokia ad. Click to enlarge and see the tagline better. Hahahaha…

Nice, eh?
Anyway, Dadah means drugs in Malay.

Last week Mochi and I ate at Kim Gary for almost 3 days in a row…Sounds like we love Kim Gary so much, huh? Lol.
I found something there…

Ok..so that’s the paper table mat…
As I was inspecting the images, I realize this…

Somehow the picture looks just nice right? But take a closer inspection…

Saw something different?

Check again…

See the Mid Valley sign. It was written as MID VELLEY. Lol…Ckckck…someone must bring the illustrator to go to Mid Valley and see the signboard. Lol :p

And another one on the comment card…

Amoy Plaza. Does it means that the plaza is filled with AmoyS? Lol

This one is just for fun. Does my mokozi looks like a Tera tera bozu (the Japanese rain doll)? Lol. He looks so cute in that tartan skirt. Hahahaha

Last Sunday Mata, Achie, and I went to have lunch at Ayam Penyet Ria in Sunway.

So Mata ordered a portion of Lele Penyet (smashed catfish)
Achie and I ordered Ayam Penyet (smashed chicken)

Ok2..I know the name sounds funny in English, isn’t it? I also laugh la when I read that on the menu. Lol. Smashed chicken..sounds bombastic…When you convert it to Indonesian…Ayam Penyet. Huahauahaua….

But don’t be cheated by the name. It may sounds silly, but the taste…ssluurrrptt.. perfecto! =D

So we eat eat eat…
When we get the receipt…

I don’t think any of us ordered LALA PENYET…[Malaysians, you should understand what am I talking about]

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