To do list before I am going back for good:

1. Watch a performance in KLPac
2. Watch a concert in MPO
3. Watch the Broadway Parodies in Actors Studio Bangsar
4. Road Trip
5. Shopping

6. Eat at Jogoya
7. Redang, Perhentian, and Lang Tengah Islands trip =D *ermm..this 1 is almost impossible to do before I’m going back. So it must be postponed for the mean time*
8. Go to Singapore Arts Festival *Arrhhh I want I want I want!!! =D*

Yunk, let’s go!!! =D

9 thoughts on “To do list before I am going back for good:

  1. i love mario bros too =Dfighting game? lol. u’re just like me, sis. more class, but his assignments haven’t finished yet. hopefully can finish by end of this week or early next week. and yea, he’s graduating too, together with me =)

  2. True2 guys SOMETIMES know better about game..try to find one with mario in it sis..w/ figthing games even better!!LOL..Ehhh..waittt…he still has class? Is he graduating too!??!

  3. ahhh…lol icic.. i din put it there. loldun worry nek. i will try to look for it after ah boon has finished his work. cos he’s the one who knew where to get the nice one..hihihi…

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