200 Pounds Beauty

So I’ve just finished watching 200 Pounds Beauty. It should have finished earlier on, but due to me watching So You Think You Can Dance Malaysia, so yea..lol

Ok. So this movie is about a fat girl with a great voice named Kang Hanna. She is a singer, but doesn’t sing on the stage. Instead, she sings at the backstage for another person (so Ammy, the “singer” was doing lip sync). One day Ammy humiliated her in front of her music company’s Director, Han Sang Jun, whom Hanna fell in love with.

Heartbroken, Hanna attempts to commit suicide, but she changes her mind. Instead, she runs away and decides to get a head-to-toe makeover through plastic surgery and liposuction,…

(for complete synopsis of the movie, click here)

In short, this movie is nice! The morale is there: to love yourself however you are, and to do well in what you are doing, because…

“Your best isn’t enough. Doing well is what counts” (Kang Hanna)

8 thoughts on “200 Pounds Beauty

  1. LOL…we are all narcist lha…the different is want to admit it or not..and frankly we both already admit it and damn proud of it..LOL…Aint that rite, sis?!hihihi..

  2. Just finish watching it…like it!!!^o^Tx sis!!uda lama ga nemu yg bagus di youtube..hehehe..=DAGREE!!!JUST LOVE YOURSELF!!!!!Narsis is a good thing!!sometimes..LOL..

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