Saving the Felis Tigris

Limkokwing makes a clean sweep at the HSBC-WWF Interactive Games Competition

Photo courtesy of Limkokwing

Limkokwing University of Creative Technology once again emerges in the top spot reaping the rewards for excellence in multimedia creativity and innovation. It is the latest achievement to add to Limkokwing’s trail of success in recent months. It was indeed a proud moment for Limkokwing when ten of its students made a clean sweep of the top prizes at the HSBC-WWF Save Our Tigers Interactive Game Contest, which was announced in April.

Not only did they win the first, second and third place, but they had also won two out of three consolation prizes as well. It was a victory that was infinitely sweet, especially since they had faced tough competition from other well-known design and multimedia schools in the region.

The prize-winning ceremony, which was held on May 3rd, saw top winners Elbertus Taufan Handoko, Toh Jen Yee & Khor Joo Hui, and Benedict Ng Boon Yew posing proudly in front of the camera with their winnings alongside the organising committee.

Indonesian student Handoko, who won the first prize for his entry, Tiger Hunt, is a student from the pioneering batch of Diploma in Games Design programme who is currently doing his final semester at Limkokwing. While, the second place winners Toh & Khor for the entry Save De Tiger, are students from the Advanced Diploma in Multimedia (ADOM) programme. The third place was awarded to Benedict Ng for his entry Pak Man’s Plantations, who is also a student from the pioneering batch of Diploma in Games Design programme.

These prize-winning students were not the only ones excited about their victory. As it turns out their lecturers also share their joy in winning the competition.

Tan Chin Ike, the Senior Programme Leader with the Faculty of Multimedia Creativity was very excited, even as he exclaimed, “We sent in five entries and all five swept the top prizes! It is a testimony of what Limkokwing students are capable of. By winning this competition, we have set a standard for the rest.”

According to Ike, the main focus of the Games Design programme at Limkokwing is on game play. Here the students are taught to see this field as an area of specialization integrated with applied creativity.

“These students were given a duration of one month to create the web-based game. This contest was included their syllabus as part of their assignment. Games design is all about the mechanics of the game, balancing issues – characters, story, background – and games art. While, ADOM is Limkokwing’s flagship programme. Our ADOM students have been consistently winning awards year after year.”

All about game play

Being an international student at Limkokwing Cyberjaya, first place winner Handoko recalls the reason he chose Limkokwing was because “it was the only university that offered a course in games design. There are no such courses in Indonesia.”

It had stemmed from his interest in wanting to open a business in games “…and of course to make money,” he laughed. In explaining his entry, Handoko said he chose the theme about how tigers hunt their prey. He wanted to make the environment as real as possible by including interesting elements like tiger camouflage and diverse preys.

“The first thing I did was to come up with the basic game concept following the theme I chose. I injected a lot of game design and worked on three main aspects to make the game more fun; environment, diverse preys and how tigers hunt.

“It is a mix of both fun elements and educational, because as the players complete each level, a message box appears and gives out information about tiger conservation,” he said.

Meanwhile, for twosome Toh & Khor, who also happen to be a couple-team, winning second place was a pleasant shock. “We just never expected it!”

Their entry, Save De Tiger, focuses on deforestation and on human-tiger conflict. “It is more like a survival game, where players have to relocate tigers before they start attacking villages due to deforestation. Deforestation also acts as the time bar that tells the players that their time is running out,” Toh explained.

It was definitely team effort on their part as Toh handled the scripting and Khor, the graphics. “The most challenging thing for us is generating the whole idea and concept for the game. Once we got that, the rest just fell into place,” she said.

“Limkokwing helped us in developing our skills, without it there would not be a platform for us to improve. We were also exposed to indusity programmes that enhanced our skills in a working environment.

“Through Limkokwing’s indusity programme, we had the chance to get involved in MTV Channel Ident – a 30s skit. We also did the title sequence for Gol & Gincu. Our experiences have improved our management skills as well. This coming July, we will be involved in the ADOM exhibition, which is yet another valuable exposure for us,” Toh, the spokes person for the team, said.

As for third place winner Benedict Ng’s Pak Man’s Plantations, the game focuses on how players clear up expanding mangrove forest to prevent tigers from entering the villages. According to Ng, the game “is a very casual arcade-like game. The players simply learn about human-tiger conflict and tiger conservation by playing.”

Ng had always been interested in games since he was very young. “I just wanted to create games and entertain people.”

In explaining his experience as the pioneering batch of Games Design programme, he says: “The Games Design & Multimedia course is not a difficult programme. You just have to invest a lot of time and hard work. If you put your heart and soul into it, it is easy to make it through. I hope to continue with my degree here at Limkokwing.”

The consolation prize winners in teams of three, who are also ADOM programme students, are Vonny Christasari Hadrjono, Jeffry, and Regina Sandrine with the entry Hungry Cub, and Arif Setiawan, Edward and Indra Pratomonugraha with My Tiger.

These talented and gifted students attribute their success to the support given by their lecturers, Limkokwing’s creative and innovative programmes and their parents.

Multimedia creativity

Commenting further on the games design programme at Limkokwing, Ike said, “Our emphasis in game design is technology. Students learn know how game play actually works. What set us apart from other universities and colleges is that we inject creative and innovative game ideas. We also have the latest facilities and the most up-to-date software to use in this programme.”

The competition, which was held from February 14th until March 28th, was organised by the WWF Malaysia with the support from HSBC. It was mainly aimed at institutions with multimedia courses. All entries were judged by a panel of 8 judges based on criteria such as originality, creativity, ability to bring the message across to users, design, and usability.


Wooo~ That’s the press release I read on Limkokwing’s website.
When I opened it, I remembered that Ah Boon was taken photos for the Press Release thingy, but I didn’t know it was going to be released today. Lol

Congrats for the winners! Ah Boon, Elbert, and the 2 ADOM students. Also to Regina (Hey, I didn’t know that she and her teammates won the consolation prize! You go girl!) and the others!

Anyway, it’s a good stepping stone for you, dear. Am proud of you 🙂

And below is the news article published in The New Straits Times newspaper today…

UPDATED: The winners also appear in Limkokwing’s advertisement in the newspaper. They mentioned the students who have won awards, and only 3 awards were shown with photos, including the winners of this HSBC-WWF contest.

p.s: Big grin, eh dear? LOL

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