Spore, here I come lah…

I’m going to watch the Romeo and Juliet theater performance on June 5th! =D
After couldn’t book the ticket online by myself (due to my no-credit-card situation), I asked for help from my cousin brother who’s been staying in Singapore for ermm..lemme think…7 years +? not sure. lol. So he helped me booked the tickets for the show, and also for the accomodation. I chose the YMCA’s backpackers room (well, we’re students. lol) . Thanks ko! ^_^

Wooott~ looking forward to 4th of June! (I’ll be leaving on the 4th and come back on the 6th of June)

Oh, and I am going to go with my dear =D
It will be our first trip together ^_^

But before that, I’m also looking forward to our road trip. Hopefully we can manage to do it…

5 thoughts on “Spore, here I come lah…

  1. huh?r u guys going to singapore??n come back to malay again?i thought ur dearest got no passport?LOL..Moch2..don’t do anything to my sis,kay?!!?! or i’ll come n get u!!LOL..

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