Ikad and Malaysian game exhibition

Remember my post about how I queued so long to make an Ikad?
Well, I’ve taken the card yesterday. Yea, the layout is nicer than the old one. Much nicer I could say. And they stated that it’s the first iKad in the world for foreigners in Malaysia.

As said by Malaysian Prime Minister, Mr. Abdullah Ahmad Badawi during the launch of iKad:

“Kad tersebut bagi menggantikan kad pengenalan imigresen sedia ada untuk pekerja asing, pembantu rumah asing, pelajar antarabangsa, pegawai dagang dan peserta ‘Malaysia Rumah Kedua’.

Ia dilengkapi dengan 17 ciri keselamatan fizikal yang tinggi bagi menjamin kad pengenalan itu tidak dipalsukan.

Antara ciri-ciri keselamatan itu ialah penyimpanan dua cap jari biometrik, penggunaan gambar berwarna dan maklumat pemegang kad pada cip yang hanya memerlukan saiz kurang dari dua kilobit.

Kad tersebut menggunakan teknologi Cip Keselamatan Karsof buatan Malaysia manakala empat jenis teknologi yang digunakan pada kad itu sedang dipatenkan sebagai teknologi negara ini”



“The card will be used to replace the current immigration card for foreign workers, housemaids, employees, students, , and the participants of “Malaysia, My Second Home” (I don’t have any idea what is this actually)

There will be high-security 17 physical identities which guaranteed they won’t be able to be duplicated.

Some of the identities are two biometric thumb prints, color photograph, and card holder’s biodata inside the small chip that’s less than 2KB in size.

The card uses Karsof Safety Chip technology made in Malaysia whereby four types of technologies that are used in the card are being patented as Malaysian technology”

(UTUSAN MALAYSIA, March 14th 2007)

Anyway, here are a few pics taken when I was waiting to take my Ikad…

Wah..got Majlis (Party) sumore! Lol. I think Limkokwing is the 1st university in Malaysia that gave Ikad for their international students. Not sure tho..lol.

Oh, and I read this on a bus yesterday. Actually have read it like ermmm…around last month, but I haven’t seen it again so I could take picture…

Gamers, behold!! The biggest game exhibition in Malaysia is about to start!

For more info click on www. asiagameszone.com

Who knows you might join the games competition, win prizes, and meet some prestigious game companies that will hire you?

Errmm..why I sound like I advertise it? Lol

3 thoughts on “Ikad and Malaysian game exhibition

  1. i just took my photo session for this Ikad at Sunway. hope it won’t take forever. My friend who took the application 2 months ago still not receive it.nice blog here

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