Packing for back for good: Part 1

I’ve done the 1st part of my packing today. Since I’ll be leaving by next week (Friday), It’ll be better for me to start packing early so I can goyang kaki later on during my last days in Malaysia.

It’s a good thing I’ve brought back some of my clothes during previous holidays. If not, I don’t know how should I pack them. And shoes also. I’ve brought back some pairs on my previous holiday. If I didn’t bring them back, I guess I’ll need a box for my shoes only (exaggerating a bit

The shoes. 19 pairs in total!

Oopss…seems like I’ve missed 1 pair!

Ta-daaa! My brand new pink peep toe heels…hehehe…bought 3 weeks ago~

Me surrounded by my shoes…hehehehe :p

The big suitcase which I will finally bring back to Jakarta after 3 years of staying in Malaysia.
I will stuffed more things inside later on…

I still have lots of small stuffs inside the drawer, wardrobe, and small drawers on the table, as well as on the rack behind the mirror……..How could I bring all of these back?

2 thoughts on “Packing for back for good: Part 1

  1. Lol. My running shoes sudah rusak nek…I bought it before I came to Msia and they hancur on the following year cos I wear it so often. Abis pewe banget nek..enteng bgt itu adidas..hihihi…

  2. Uuuuu…i like the white one next to the pink converse!!!!then the blue..then the one next to it..LOL..Btw, sis!!u don’t have any running shoes or something?

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