Singapore, I cancel my arrival lah…

Hmm..I haven’t said that I’ve canceled my trip to Singapore!
Yep, due to a condition, Ah Boon couldn’t make his passport and so we had to cancel our trip. Kinda sad but well, it’s ok. We can go there another time. Hopefully next year or the following year or whenever I’ll get to manage to watch Romeo and Juliet performance..hahahaha =D

Oh, and we missed the Broadway Parodies in The Actors Studio Bangsar yesterday. The last performance was yesterday. We were planning to watch it at first, but due to his busyness lately, so we couldn’t make it. Luckily he has finished his work by now *in fact, he has just finished it around half an hour ago. Lol*, so we can spend some quality time together before I am flying back to my hometown =D

Ah Boon and I finally manage to have a date last Saturday. We haven’t had a date for ermm…3 or 4 weeks in a row. Lol. Yea, blame Limkokwing. The assignments were piling up like hell! Lol :p

So we went to Cineleisure Damansara to watch Shrek the Third. Went to Ikea before that to check on the price of items used in the Sari Ratu production *Remember that I’ve lost my notebook? T_T*. Due to my carelessness, I had to re-check the items’ price we’ve bought in Ikea.

And it was SUPER CROWDED in Ikea that day!! OMG! We had to walk through the sea of human and it made us headache. No wonder it was that crowded. Last Saturday was the Agong’s Birthday *so it means public holiday* and weekend as well. Ah Boon was so pusing that he was super relieved when I had done checking all of the prices. Hahaha…

After done with Ikea, we returned to Cineleisure to buy the tickets. And guess what, the tickets left for Shrek was only for 12am! Haihz…I was lazy to watch midnight shows that day. So I checked the Pirates of the Caribbean 3….12:30am!

Forget it.

And so we just had our dinner at Ah Cheng Laksa.

Then I tried a pretty polka dot dress and another one with some kind of African motif or whatsoever. Both of them look so good on me, especially the polka dot one 😀 . I’m not trying to be over-confident here, but that’s what Ah Boon and the store lady said. Lol.

I think I’m gonna buy it when we went to Cineleisure again today or tomorrow to try our luck in Shrek 3 😀

2 thoughts on “Singapore, I cancel my arrival lah…

  1. My cousin bro will use the tix nek..altho i said “huh? but can you use student price tix?” cos he is working now. but he answered “can. i am also a student again now..hehhehehe”. yea, i just remember that he’s taking master now.loland the pic..well ada sih 1 yang motif2 itu, tapi blom gue transfer ke comp..hihihi :piyaa…4 more days sebelom gue plg ke jkt…bakal susah chat…oh, and about shrek 3, well it’s funny also. lol

  2. Gosh..that’s sad..wat happened w/ the tickets?How come there is no pic of the dress sis?wanna see..hihihi..Oh2.. I heard shrek3 isn’t as gud as the 1st n is the pirates.Duuuuhhhhhh…u r going home soon!!!susah deh chat2 lagi!!!!!!huhuhu…sadddddd..>_<Oh2..jgn lupa titipan ku, uda gw kirim tuh imelnya..hihihi..

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