Farewell dinner, Ko Nico & Cie Winy’s wedding, and random photos

Warning: Loadsa photos ahead!
Although it’s dying to wait for those photos to load *pardon my dial-up connection here…changing to broadband soon =D*, I’m still being patient to post them on my blog. I’m so nice, huh? Lol :p

Uahh…actually wanted to blog before I went back, but I had no time to do it because I was busy re-packing my stuffs since it was overweight already. At first it was 35 kgs! Omg! If I didn’t take some stuffs out, I would have to pay I dunno how much le *I dunwan to think about it*…count by yourself: KLM charge 12 euro for 1 kg of excess baggage! Omg! I will vomit blood!!

And they only give 20 kgs of allowed baggage for economy class..Yaaa 22 or 23 kgs is still acceptable lar..

And so Ah Boon helped me re-packed them…and Ta-daaaa…22 kgs! Plus around 12 kgs in my hand carry…lol.

1 day before I went back, I had dinner with my Ah Boon, my housemates, Achie, and Mata in Shogun. Kinda a farewell dinner for Me, Achie, and Mata. Lol.

Ah Boon and I reached there late because we were tired and rest for awhile. We went to my dentist in the morning, and then continued with breakfast and sight seeing in Kinokuniya. We reached home by 4:30 pm and need to go by 6:30 pm because the Shogun reservation is for 7:30 pm!

But Ah Boon was so tired already. So we decided to go a bit later then the others. And otw to 1U, the traffic jam was bad bad bad! It took us around 45 mins to reach there *ermm..but if no jam also it will take around 40 mins…lol*


Yesterday was the happiest day for Ko Nico and Cie Winy. They were tying the knot!

Congratulations to both of u! My music teacher has melepas masa lajangnya. Hahaha…Congrats! May two of you always stay together in harmony and produce another brilliant little musicians. Two musicians combined together should be super powerful right? Lol.

And it could be also said as my reunion with the SMI fellas. I met quite many of them there. Too bad some were not there…

While the groom and bride were busy taking pictures with the guests on the stage, we were busy taking pictures by ourselves. Lol. SMI fellas always can’t resist camera *wink*

The tired but happy bride and groom having their meal after the reception has ended. I couldn’t help but think how Ko Nico survived the whole day *since early morning..yeaa you know le, wedding has a LOT of preparation* wearing those high 7 cm shoes!

Ahh..and that day was also the 21st birthday of Ms. Teh Chen Yee!

Happy Birthday to Kedah from Jakarta =D


Some random pics…

Nek, you said you wanted to see my new dress right? Well, here it is..hehehe

But this is the green color one…Mine is purple…

The Simpsons Movie!!!!!!!

Can’t wait for it! ^_^

Princess FionAhMei and Prince ShrekAhBoon

Follow Me!

The last supper with Ah Boon *sounds bombastic? Lol*

Claypot Frog and Seafood Porridge =D

Ah Boon and I like to play with this toy we found in a kids shop at The Curve. Forgotten the name. Lol. It’s like a DJ turntable. You can play with the two big round thing there and pretend you are DJ-ing.
Childish? Don’t care. Lol

Shrek is invading McDonald’s !

The limited edition Shrek Shake Fries with Seaweed flavour. It’s so nice that Ah Boon and I ordered another pack to be eaten in the car otw home. Hahaha…

The cup

Double Lime sundae. They also offer the Lime McFlurry..but haven’t tried yet

Sony Ericsson ad. It looks nice at night because the “thunder” will light up

Thermos Ad

A close up look at the car. Lol. It looks funny. Like a thermos


This one was kinda old *a year ago*, but I just got time to blog about it. Lol.

I was in Indonesian Tatler magazine April 2006 edition! ^_^
Tatler is a monthly magazine reporting on high society and leading personalities. And nek, it’s not free. It costs IDR 50,000. Lol

Weeeee~ I am a socialite 😀


I always know that the government administration in Indonesia sucks. But this time I feel it myself…

It’s the list of potential citizens to vote for the new Kepala Daerah (Governor) to replace the current Mr. Sutiyoso…

When my mom told me about this, I couldn’t stop laughing…

I am married!!! ROFL!!

10 thoughts on “Farewell dinner, Ko Nico & Cie Winy’s wedding, and random photos

  1. nek: hahaha..tau neh jadi ngomongin sepatu..hihihigue belom kemana2 koq nek..baru sekitar gading, TA, gitu2. temen2 gue masi pada kuliah sii..olnya jarang2 nekk gr2 pake telkomnet. ehh tp skrg gue dah pasang speedy nehh (broadbandnya telkom)..hehehehehe..jadi ol-nya enak de…=)christal: i found it in kuchai lama food court

  2. BTW, kok jadi spatu sih?prasaan ngomongin soft baby yellow dress deh..lol..well spatu juga mau sih..hahahabtw, kemana aja lo nek di indo?sibuk ngapain?kok ga ol..ga ada kabar pula!!huhuhu

  3. Ohhh..yang sackdress itu..lolkan ceritanya biar international gitu nek..IDR kan international..masa lu ga tau? kayak USD gitu..hehehehauahaua..lu nabung dehh nanti gue bantuin cari sepatu baby yellow disini..

  4. ah boon: married to who ar? ermmm…..Mr. B? Lolnek: IDR = Indonesian Rupiah.iya. itu data penduduk. ga ada nama lu. kan kita beda rt. heheheiya nek, plg2 besoknya lgs kondangan.hahaha…ermm big patterns? kyke dress gue ga ada big patternsnya nek? or u mean the bow? n yea, it’s baby pink =Dand..lol. u dodol nek. hahaha…pulang indo la..cari sepatu warna baby yellow..hehehe

  5. Oppzzz..forgot something..the dress..love the bow!!so cuteee..though i’m not big w/ patterns..LOL..Btw, the kondangan dress it’s pink huh?!??and totally NOTICE that brand new pink shoes..Arghh..i’ve always want soft baby yellow dress..hard to find though..:( One of them is the one in MG 1 in Jing’s party worn by San Cai’s friend/enemy..i’m pretty sure u don’t remember..*so what is the point explaining, Na??* LOL..

  6. I don’t mean the magazine is free but you as a model..LOL..what is IDR? What is that w/ ur name on it?data penduduk kah?namaku ada tak?LOL..Married huh?maybe it’s a sign…wakakak..Btw, lo balik2 langsung kondangan yak?LOL..

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