Hello from Jakarta!


I’m still alive here.
It’s been two weeks since I step on Soekarno-Hatta International Airport.
Haven’t been to many places tho. Most of my friends are still having classes right now. Need to wait for awhile more till they finally are free.

A week after I reach Jakarta, I went to Bogor to attend my childhood friend, Claudia,’s birthday party.
It’s been years since the last time I saw her..umm…around 15 years I guess. Due to the distance of our houses. But last year we started to get connected by sms-ing each other again.
So we were so happy when we finally got a chance to see each other.


My childhood friend…

The lost monkey finds her lost bananas. Lol

Weeee~ 2 childhood friends meet again! ^_^


I got a new baby!

Say hello to my brand new 80GB white iPod video! =D

Finally…an iPod to replace my old creative Muvo 2 which has been quite broken since last year. Now I can listen to my fave songs while looking at photos or watching movies πŸ™‚

And yea, the case is pink. Lol

I’m using broadband now!! Yayy! But too bad I got a limit of 1GB per month..The unlimited one is still very expensive! Rp 750,000! (RM 300). The one I use is just Rp200,000 (RM 80) .Nvm! At least the connection speed is much faster than if I use dial-up. Hahahaha…

Lastly, my deep condolence for Afong’s pho2. It’s been almost 3 weeks since she passed away. So sad. So next time I won’t see her when I go to Afong’s house. Everytime I went there, she always asked “Ehh **mel [her special nickname for me. Classified.Lol]. Udah balik dari Malaysia lu?”. I won’t see her sitting there on her chair reading a book, watching TV, or sleeping…

I will miss you pho…Hope Jesus got you the best place besides Him in heaven πŸ™‚

6 thoughts on “Hello from Jakarta!

  1. kumel -_- enak aje luuulu abis baca2 comment di fs gue ya?ahahaha…enak ajaa..bukan kumel nek!maksudnya itu yukata udah gue miliki sejak sd..gitu..hehehe

  2. itu yukata nek. yukata jaman sd..hahaha..ipod yang warna pink cuma ada yang ipod nano. itu juga pinknya magenta gitu. jadi kayak mainan..hihihi…iya itu yang plg gede. iya, ada yang item juga. kan ada 2 warnanya: item ama putih.

  3. Nek, itu kimono or batik??lol…Kok ga beli ipodnya yg pink!??kaga ada ya?haahhaa…eh brp duit tuh ipod di indo???itu bkn yg paling gede ya?setau gw ada yg warna item isa buat photo,video,dll..?!?

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