June 20th 2007 marks the 26th wedding anniversary for my beloved parents! πŸ™‚
So last Saturday after we showed our faces at Daddy’s friend’s daughter’s wedding reception *in the invitation, the time was written from 6-8pm. We departed from home at 7. The road was jammed so badly that we reached there by 8:10! Lol*

I didn’t want to go at first, but dad forced me to go, so yea..
and I was not in the mood to wear dress, so I chose a top and skirt instead. Hahahaha…

“Hahaha…Confirmed by the time we reach there, the groom and bride will be going home already” said daddy.

“I think by the time we reach there, we will see the bride in her normal clothes and pack her wedding gown” I replied.

But as we arrived at the reception hall, there were still lots of guests there. The MC was still guiding the event, some kids were rolling on the floor (literally!), and some guests were taking photos with the happy groom and bride on the stage. So we just greeted dad’s friend and his wife, and he and dad talked for a few sentence (literally), and then off we go! Hahaha..I think we only spend around 10 minutes there. Lol.

After that we decided to find something to eat in EX Plaza Indonesia. It’s been quite long since the last time I went there. For those who don’t know EX, it’s an acronym for Entertainment X’nter. Hahaha Indonesians are just creative. Usually this place will be packed by Saturday night with youngsters from all over Jakarta. But there are older people too.

The colorful “waterfall”

Dad suggested for Fish ‘n Co, and there we go. The restaurant was super packed that we had to go on waiting list.

“Umm..30 minutes”, said the waitress that took my name.
“I will call you when we already have the table”

So we walked around EX…Looking at the photo exhibition about saving water. The photos were really nice πŸ™‚

Take a peek at Vertu shop *no photo lar. I don’t want the staffs to chase me and take away my digicam*…I still have no idea why Vertu is so expensive. The design is just ok, not that nice. The thing that makes it so expensive is the material. In some models they used gold and Swarovski crystals! Tsk tsk tsk…
And another thing that makes it expensive is the GPS feature inside. So if your phone was stolen, you can detect where did it go through the GPS. That’s what I read in newspaper last year or last two year.

Went into the XXI’s restrooms. Hahaha….the XXI here is nicer than the one in Kelapa Gading Mall. I actually expected the one in MKG to be like the XXI in EX when they were about to built it last year (or was it last 2 year?), but to my disappointment, it didn’t. Well, it’s nice, just that it’s a bit different with the one in EX, but it’s still nice πŸ™‚

30 minutes has passed…

…and I haven’t received any call from Fish ‘n Co.

So we went back to the restaurant and asked the waitress, then she said we need to wait for another 6 guests!

Ok, so we wait…

Mum sat at the couch nearby, Dad was checking Sony Bravia in the store, and I stood near the resto’s reception table.

So after around 45 mins, we finally got a table. Outside and with sofas πŸ™‚

The appetizer: Caesar salad with smoked salmon πŸ™‚

Dad’s traditional fish and chips

Mum’s baked salmon

My grilled salmon with lime oggie for the beverage πŸ™‚

Happy 26th wedding anniversary mum and dad! πŸ˜€


20-06-2007 also marks the 7th month anniversary for me and Ah Boon! =D
Time passed so fast eh dear? X)
Feels just like yesterday..hehehehehe

A very warm good afternoon to Ah Boon in the far far away land called KL πŸ™‚
Sorry for last night and I hope today will be better ya πŸ˜€
Let’s count the days..

10 days to go!! XD

10 dayssss come pass fasterrrrr!

I miss him so much now…


I haven’t eaten this for quite long..and yesterday I got the chance to taste it again..hehehe

drooling?? hehehe…

7 thoughts on “Anniversaries

  1. i want nasi campur!! *drools* πŸ˜› and i know a friend here who misses teh botol so much. so, send that over please.. hehecongrats mel, and for your parents and bf too..! πŸ™‚

  2. CONGRATZZZ!!!!For your mom n dad!!!N of course for you two, my beloved sis n bro!!!5 mths to go!!!LOL…don’t ask me why I mention this..LOL..Btw nek, kok fam kita sama aja yah..dtg ke kondangan pasti tlat2 n lgs cabz..but ga separah lo sih ampe uda klewat jem nya..LOL…

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