Fake brand products…

I just knew a few days back that now there’s a penalty for those who bring fake brand bags into Europe or USA. Firstly, my mum told me about the one in Europe. She said that those who are spotted bringing fake brand bags will be dragged by the officer, her bag will be taken and thrown away! I was like “wow, really?”

“Yes. So if we are going to Europe, it’s best to bring a Mangga dua bag that’s brandless rather than bringing some fake stuffs”
“Well yea, or we can just bring our original brand bags” I replied.

The next day, I was checking the forum on fashionesedaily when I read that they also have such thing in the US. Curious, I continue googling and found some articles about it.

In Florence, for example. There are a lot of fake brand stuffs street sellers in the city center. Yea you may be attracted with the Gucci bags, Dior sunnies or else but there’s a law in Italy which forbids you to buy stuffs from abusive street sellers. So if Italian police catch you buying some fake products, you can be charged for more than 1500 euros!

See? The fine will cost you much more than the products’ price! I’d better get myself an original Burberry bag for 1,100 euros than to buy some fake products and get fined.

In US, I read in an article that there’s an officer in the airport to see whether the females are bringing original brand bags. If they spotted someone with fake brand bags, they will dragged her into a room, took out all her stuffs from the bag, tear it with a knife, and put the stuffs in a plastic bag. So she has to go around bringing plastic bag!

Imagine she brings a purse, iPod, handphone, passport, sweets, tissue, PDA, etc etc and she has to brings them by using a plastic bag! Lol!

As for myself, I’d rather buy some brandless or normal brand products than to buy the fake one ’cause I respect the copyright and originality of the designers. How would you feel if you have invested your time and squeezing your brain to came out with a design and yet someone out there just simply copy the design and make duplicates of it without giving you any royalty? So disappointing right?

I also want a premium designer handbag like LV or Burberry or Hermes someday. Their design are usually classic and timeless and for sure, the quality is very good. So I can wear it for long term.

Or maybe a pair of designer shoes from Loubotin, Choo, or Manolo? 🙂
Save money!! Hahahaha… :p

*Crazy ar?! I don’t even have money to buy an Anna Hindmarch, yet I want an LV? Lol. Dream on :p*

So yea, better don’t buy fake designer products. What’s more, the quality will be sooo much different than the original one.

Oh, and some people can recognize whether the bag is fake or not. Again, i read in the forum in fashionesedaily, a woman mentioned that one time she went into an LV store. She saw a woman bringing an LV bag and was looking at the bags in the store. Once the lady left, she asked the store assistant how much is the price of her bag, and the assistant said that it’s fake! She can tell just by looking at it. Ya lar, she is working in LV so she should have known the differences withing the original and fake ones. Lol.

Respect the originality! 🙂

4 thoughts on “Fake brand products…

  1. nek: LOL i’m not sure then. that’s what i read in the forum. Hahahahaha…yea probably it’s just a lie cos i know US airports are already soooo busy. hihihi…and yea, i’m gonna whack him when we meet /heheboon: *whack!*

  2. Really?the U.S airport stuff I mean. Because, I’ve never see one here and I’ve been to the biggg city airport. Back then when we have field study to NY, my classmate bought a fake purse, she must when underground or something..dunno..and yeah it’s ilegal but none of that airport none sense thing..I think it’s just a lie so that no one bought fake stuff.Don’t you think it’s just stupid to have special police at the airport just to take care of fake stuff?LOL Seriously, the airport is buuusyyy enough already..so yeah, I think it’s just lie..HAHAHA..

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