Hi hi!

I’m back from my short trip to Malaysia for 11 days. Reached my home sweet home last night.

But sadly, yea really sad, I spent like more than 1 week by fell sick! Damn!
It really cut my holiday short as I couldn’t go anywhere but stay at home! I’ve had the fever since before I went to Malaysia, but it got worse when I reached there (was it because of you, mochi? lol :p). So yea, I went to the doctor and ate medicine and rest for sure. The worst thing was: the fever only came in the morning around 9/10 am, then by noon, it would have gone and won’t come back until the next morning.

Ah Boon’s dad also checked my pulse and gave me a chinese medicine to drink and it tasted bitter I almost puke at the early stage of drinking. Lol

Because of that, I wasn’t feeling very well on Ah Boon’s birthday, but that day I felt quite like a super woman! Lol. And no fever on that day, just that I could only eat a very small portion of food. Hehehehe…

After I’ve recovered on Thursday last week, it was Ah Boon’s turn to get sick! Arrrhhh…why must this happened??? T_T
He suffered from food poisoning. Not sure whether it’s from the marinara spaghetti he ate the night before or the banana or what, but he did vomit so damn badly. And so he need to rest for the whole day. We finally got the chance to go out *REAL go out* on Saturday to watch “The King and I”, and on Sunday to visit the Petronas Twin Tower Skybridge *Finally I got the chance to go there after 3 eyars in Malaysia..hahaha*

So kasian rite?

Pictures will be uploaded soon. Haven’t transferred them to my computer. Hehehehe…

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