Malaysia trip photos =)

Ok! Here comes the photos! =D

Preparing birthday gift for Ah Boon…

Handmade! =D


The historical date: 07-07-07
No party, no clubbing or whatsoever. Just a family dinner 🙂

Hey, the cake wasn’t for Ng Boon Yew. It’s for “U Son”.
Hey Ng U Son! Hahaha…. :p
The birthday boy!

Dut, what were you wishing? You were grinning happily. Lol

After family dinner, we went to Wong Kok at OUG. His friends had been waiting there…

With his Battlefield gang

Say “Aaaaaa” and I will stuff you with this giant milk tea…lol


I’ve mentioned on the previous post that I spent around 7 days of my trip by getting sick, right? Well, now I’ll present you my caretaker…hehehehe…

Weeeeeeeeee~ my caretaker wearing a vintage sunnies *pinjeman dari Petronas twin tower skybridge. mwahahahahaha* 😀


Saturday, 14-07-07: The King and I broadway show at Istana Budaya! =D

The “King” and “I”

After the show, we went for pizza in KLCC. Tried the new Dip-licious *or however the name is* pizza.

Comment: not so nice. The BBQ cheese dip was cold and the taste just doesn’t suit me well. Ah Boon doesn’t really like it either. I’d prefer the pizza only without the dip.

After pizza, we went to visit the Eye on Malaysia! Finally. After wanting to go there for a few times already, at last we could see it. Hehehehe…

Hmmm..but can’t really see anything since it was dark. We could only see KLCC, Istana Budaya, and the Titiwangsa Lake Garden down there. The rest was a total darkness…

Don’t forget! Visit Malaysia 2007! *Walao..I am like a promoter here. Lol*


Sunday, 15-07-07: Petronas Twin Tower Skybridge visit! =D

Well, we couldn’t go for our road trip as how we have planned before, but we could manage to go to the twin tower skybridge. Finally I can go there after 3 years of staying in Malaysia 🙂

They start giving tickets *yea, it’s free admission* from 09:15 am onwards. We reached there at 09:25, and this is what we get -_-
A loooong 5 rows of people q-ing to get the tickets..
Should have went there at 8 -_-

Without this, you can’t get the tickets

And we finally got the tickets for the 3:15 pm visit!
So we went around KLCC…gai2 lor…

3 pm…went back to the skybridge entrance… many buttons at the lift. Lol. And all of them are so small

My ujang is capturing the sceneries using his photography skill. Woooo~

Some sceneries from the bridge…

14 thoughts on “Malaysia trip photos =)

  1. iya nih..kamis gue dah cabut..huhu..iya2..dun forget to sms me ya..just to remind me about it. hehehe…:phahaha kalo gue ga ngantuk gue ol deh nek 🙂

  2. Duh!!skrg lo ga ol lagi!!susah bgt kita ketemunya…pdhal kan 4 hari lagi loe pegi kan?!huhhu..Jgn lupa nek tanyain about my chinese surname..Eh2, gw bakal ol nih selasa rabo jem 11 malem waktu indo..biasa help ya klo isa..hihihi..

  3. OMG!I can’t believe it…so you asked him wat my sentence means?ckckckck..OK, one for u moch2…Anyway, have u found the answer sis??BTW..kok ga ol sih loe?pdhal uda jem 4.30 gw masi idup gini..haizzz…..

  4. Ermm..unfortunately, yes! he was the 1 who explained what it means. lol. i was blur, didn’t remember that i put the picture of him with his battlefield gang here..hahahaahha

  5. Owww…i though it was a big mean i know there are only them..but u know..i thought there is uncle, aunty,etc..hihihi..haiizz…i regret i said never regret..but it’s true, it’s cute..the way u guys acted..hhihiEh MOCHI!!u can read indo??i thought u can’t..well i know u can but not can can..haizz…or izzit my sis that told u!??!grr…LOL..anyway..not like lha..i was just saying that his hair was ok..that’s all..hahhaa..AND sis, if you know me, i bet u can guess which 1 i was talking about.LOL

  6. hahaha…itu bukan keluarga gede nek. cuma segitu aja koq yang dateng. . itu sekeluarganya dia, trus ama cowo ncinya yg plg gede, and a couple dari toko kristal langganan bonyoknya..hehehe…ouw..icic..sebenernya taun lalu udah ada tuh pizza yang kayak gitu, tapi tanpa dip..and yea, we are cute ma =Dlol

  7. Awwwwwwww!!!!so matchy2!!!!so cutteeeee!!!!XDWow..the family dinner…gimana rasanya nek dikelilingi smua kluargae..well klo bonyok n sis masi mending..itu kayaknya kluarga “gede” yak?LOL..dikau perawan di sarang penyamun..was that the one when I msged u?hm..kok ga ada yg menarik hati yak?LOL..pstt..jgn dibilangin..well ada 1 sih yg rambutnya the pizza thing..I think they tried to follow this roll here..usually called pepperoni rolls..but we dipped it with pizza sauce though..Ow..lo ntn the king and Inya yg versi “broadway” can get this off..soooo cuuuttteeee!!!OMG!!I got a cute couple of sis n cute as in the physical cute ya..but the way u guys don’t go fly too high..hahaha..

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