Third time in a row of "donating" blood

This morning I went to RS Mitra Keluarga Kelapa Gading to do a medical check up which is a thing I have to fulfilled in order to get my 1-year China visa.
Reached the hospital at 7:45 (It’s just 10 mins away from my house) with dad accompany me. I never knew that the room for medical check up is so nice there. They got some comfy sofas, plasma TV, and well, the whole thing is just nice!

I had to do a few tests. The first one was blood test. Ok, so this is the third time I had blood tests in 4 weeks. The first one was a week before my departure to Malaysia (for hormonal test due to my irregular period), the second one was 1 day after I’ve reached Malaysia (I went for a check up to a GP because I was afraid I got dengue fever), and the third time was this morning. And all of them were at the same spot. Pity my right arm…And if previously they just took 1 or 2 small tubes of blood, this time the nurse took 4 tubes! 3 small tubes @ 2.5ml, and 1 slimmer but longer tube. I’m not sure how much the capacity is lar, but I think maybe it’s more or less the same with the small one.

When I was about to come out of the room to do an X-ray of my thorax (chest), I saw someone I’m familiar with…it’s Mita! Lol. Omg, I haven’t seen her since she went for transfer to RMIT from LUCT like about a year ago. She is my dad’s friend’s daughter whom I know when we went to Widayanto, a pottery making place together in a big group. That’s how I started to know her. And when I went out of the door, I saw Pratiwi beside her! Omg. The last time I saw her was like..a year ago. I wanted to meet her and Christine when I first reached Jakarta last June, but due to her new office which is located quite far from my place *and Christine’s office as well*, we haven’t set up a time to meet. I met her during my intensive mandarin course in Mei Hao last year. There, I met Christine too. and Pratiwi is Mita’s cousin. Hahaha..what a small world, eh?

So yea, I met them, but too bad I didn’t have a lot of time to talk with them though.

Btw, my dad was waiting for me until he fell asleep. Pity him, he hasn’t got enough sleep since he came back from Solo for his school reunion last Monday. He reached home at 03:30am and went to work as usual at around 8:30am. No wonder when I came back from X-ray, he was peacefully asleep on the couch.

And I finally finished my check up at around 9am…Reach home, start to do housework since my maid hasn’t come back from her hometown. She went back to her hometown last Sunday because her father was seriously ill. Luckily everything’s ok now, and she said she will be back next Wednesday. On the time being, I have to do the household chores while no one is at home…washing clothes, ironing them, mop the floor, wash the dishes, and do some cleaning stuffs. Hehehehe…

Ok2, I know this entry is boring. I don’t know why, suddenly I have this urge to blog. Lol.


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