1-month-old-baby food…

A friend of my parents celebrated their grandson turned 1 month old last Saturday. And as usual *chinese tradition*, we received a “1-month-old-baby” parcel because my parents, together with another few couples, join together to buy presents for the baby.

And the food inside are delicious and cute! 😀

I like the bao zi! 😀
it’s so cute rite?
I was kinda tak sampai hati to eat it. I always do when I have some cutely-shaped food. Lol.
But I send her to my tummy at last. lol

Oh, and we are gonna receive another “1-month-old-baby” gift from a cousin of my cousin…lol.

3 thoughts on “1-month-old-baby food…

  1. hahaa..gw ga baca lo tulis baozinya..lol…rasanya apa nek?itu rambute coklat or wat?Huhuhu..Na never got the parcel..only tart..give me!!! lol

  2. kan bisa macem2 sis..bisa kue tart, bisa parcel kayak gini,…ni tadi gue baru dapet lagi tuh..yang gue bilang di akhir post. lol. dapetnya kue tart..nanti gue foto de kalo belom dicaplok ma orang rumah. lol…yea, it’s baozi, sis. baozi kan bakpao..hehehe

  3. aiyoo!!!so cute le!!!!!!!wanna2..btw, sejak kpn dikasie parcel?prasaan pas gw di indo duullluu..*buset, kayak uda lama aja* dikasi nya yg kue tart ada baby tidurnya gitu di atasnya..LOL..Wat is dat anyway sis??bakpao tah?lol..yeah..looks like bakpao n telor merah itu..hihihi

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