The Big Day!

After 3 years of blood, sweat, and tears, finally…the moment has come…My Graduation!! And what’s more, I am graduating together with Mochi! 😀

I flew back to KL on August 8th as the graduation rehearsal will be held on the 9th.

And finally can met Mochi again for almost 1 month!! 😀

Straight away went to Cineleisure Damansara from KLIA. THE SIMPSONS MOVIE had been waiting! 😀

After movie…it’s time to fill our growling tummy…

And out choice was..Italiannies!!

Ordered spaghetti bolognaise with meatballs and pizza..

I read “So good, So much, So share” on the menu. Then I was thinking “Is the portion that big?”

But I was like..nevermind la. Maybe it’s just the slogan.

When our food arrived…

I have no idea the spaghetti would be this big…

Can feed 2 persons or more. With 2 BIG meatballs…

And the pizza…
Also quite big..

At the end, we couldn’t finished the pizza and tapao it. Lol
And we walked out of Italiannies with super full stomach….


Stay over at my old condo, raiding Juan’s room. Lol.

The next day, went to campus for the rehearsal, and to take our robe as well…
After everything’s done…

Kim Gary with Mochi!!

A refreshing treat on the hot sunny day: Peach Snow mountain 🙂

After lunch, he got me a cute polar bear from Nici which I have been wanting..hehehe..Kamsya dear! 😀

He also got his mum a cute small sheep with hoodies. Lol..

After having fun together for 2.5 days, on Friday I moved to Radius Hotel to join my parents who just came that morning. And 2 friends of mum also join us on this trip. They wanted to go shopping. Malaysia was having great sale and it is still up until Sept 2nd! =D

The first stop: IKEA

The delicious Ikea Swedish meatballs with the D’aim choco cake 😀



The graduation day was held on Saturday, August 11th 2007 at LUCT’s one and only Hall of Fame. It was scheduled on 3pm, but well, we only entered the hall at 3:30…

Mochi bought me flowers the first thing after we reached campus. Thanks, bao bei 🙂

Imel, me, and Mata

And the waiting before entering the hall was tiring. It was super hot on the pathways along the way to HoF and my feet were starting to get tired on high heels because I was running here and there before that…


The ceremony was good….and noisy. Hahaha…Especially us, the MassComm students. We were the one who memanas-manasi the other students to stand up, cheer, and wave our hands when there were singers on the stage. Hahahaha it was really fun. So noisy until one of the guru besar from Australia said “Usually the graduation ceremonies I attend were solemn and quiet, but this one is different”. Lol

Sorry, no photos on the ceremony =(

Finally the ceremony ended at 6 pm. Everyone was busy taking photos, including me. Hehehe…

This degree is for them, my lovely parents 😀

Yay! we did it, dear!! 😀

Gonna miss our 2.5 years living under one roof together, girls…

Angel, Ee Jien, Me, Mata, Achie, Mochi. With Juan as the photographer. Lol

Siew Lee, May Ling, and Mei Li

After the photo-taking session, I went to registered for the official photo taking. So I have my photo taken with mum and dad…(Mochi will help me to take the photos when they are done)

Ok, my feet are soared already…Should have returned our robes on that day, but because we were having photo shoot, the person who was in charge of it have gone home. So we had to return them on Monday.

Went back to the hotel with my parents and Mochi as the driver. Hehehehe…

At first Mochi and I wanted to have dinner by ourselves, but ended up we had it together with my parents. Lol..

We had satayyyyy at Jalan Alor 😀


The next day, it’s time to go gai-gai! hehehe…

*Raise hand* Yes, I do love MnMs! 🙂

Our first stop was supposed to be Genting, but we couldn’t get the bus ticket to go at 10 or 11 am as we reached KL sentral late…So we bought the 3:30 pm tix..

Arrghhh!! dandruff attack!

Daddy’s having giant dandruff!! o_O

So we moved on to…KLCC!

Finally, my family portrait at KLCC 🙂

Shop shop shop at KLCC, then we moved back to KL sentral. Put our shopping bags in the coin lockers, and off we go..Go Genting

Some street-side kasian ya…

Back in bukit bintang…

At last I can try to use the new public toilet. Hahahahahaha…

It doesn’t look like the ordinary public toilet…

The inside is super clean, super cool, and bad-smell-free! If only all public toilets are like this…

For toilet lovers, you have to watch the time when you go here…

Then the adults wanted to have some durians..

I was just accompanying as I am not a fan of durian, except for those processed one…

Then saw this at the market nearby…



Then come the last day of my trip…

Means it would be the last day I could see Mochi..So sad =(

Went to campus with him in the morning to returned the robes and stuffs.

Then headed to Old Town Cyberjaya to had breakfast…

Nasi Lemak!!

Then went to his house to lepak. Bersedih-sedih ria there 😦

When it was time to go to the airport, to my surprise,…

He had make a tiramisu for me!! 😀

So happy le! 😀

Otw to airport…


And so that was the last time I saw him 😦

Hope to see him soon..Come visit me in China, babe!! hehehe 🙂

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