I like Beijing
I like the weather (for now)
I like the food (although lots of them are super salty, super oily, super spicy, and super fattening
I don’t like the way bicyclists here ride their two-wheels vehicles (imagine them like Jakarta’s motorcyclists)
I don’t like the way they make communication so damn expensive! (SMS here is so expensive. Calling is much cheaper. Well, it’s kinda a hassle for me who is doing LDR at the moment… T_T)
I don’t like the way they block lots of websites!

Yes, one of the unlucky sites they block is blogspot.com!
Well, I still can open blogger.com and create posts, but I can’t view my blog!
But two weeks ago, I don’t know what came across China, but they unblocked blogspot! I was just trying to open my blog when suddenly…Taraaa!! Lol
But it only lasted for 1 day. Cause the next day, they blocked it again -_-

When will they unblock it again?
No one knows…

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  1. wat!!!no blogspot.com in China…sad… sad… izit because they have their own local site.. which i heard before was quite big…so they are juz encouraging to use Made in China… lolya, i will be working in S’pore.got a job there but will be working based on project, not permanant yet…TC gal…XOXOXOXOXOchristal.loh a.k.a. p0ohz

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