November 7th 2007

It means 9 days till Anub’s arrival to Beijing!! 😀 😀 😀 *dancing with glee~*

Yesss he is coming to Beijing!! Weeeeeee~

Too bad he will only be here from 16th – 21st of Nov…Because when he bought the plane tix, we haven’t known when will my mid-term exam would be 😦
He was planning to extend the tix tho, but when he asked how much would it be, the MAS staff said “RM 1120”! Siao ar?! The extending fee is almost the same with the tix price!
(well, I think they made it high because he bought the tix at a promotion price *he bought it at Matta fair [a travel fair in Malaysia – red], btw*)


But nvm..the most important thing is he is coming here! Although it will only be 6 days, it’s ok 😀

Counting the daysssss….can’t wait can’t wait can’t wait!!!!
Have been missing him sooooooooo muchie muchie muchieeeeee….!!
Haven’t seen him for almost 3 months now >.< Anubbbbb…快点儿来!!!Kangen banget nehhhhh…

16th of November, please come faster *begging*

If I can make a wish. I’d wish for Doraemon’s magic door..the pinky door… So I can visit Anub everytime I want..hehehehehe 🙂

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