From 5 year to annual?

People said that Jakarta is having an every-5-year-flood which means there will be a big flood happens every 5 year in Jakarta. So last year was the starter. 02-02-2007.

I assume the next big flood will happen on 02-02-2012.

But what has happened??

Friday, February 1st 2008…

Yea, Jakarta was given another shot of “milk chocolate” -_-

See the overloaded “river” *pointing upward* (River? hmm..I don’t think that’s the proper word for it. Lol. I guess I’d just stick to “kali”- indonesian term for a small “river”)

Luckily my housing area didn’t kena. Just a small area at the front entrance kena a bit.

Anyway, this year’s flood was worst as well! The airport highway had to be closed down due to the high-level of water there. It was around 1-1.5 m!! I watched on TV news that a lot of people need to get off from their cars and walk across the chocolate sea water to reach the airport…

*and they call it an International Airport…*

Speaking of flood, a few months back (last year), there was a big flood in Solo as well. One of my cousin brother’s house was attacked by the “choco milk” and it reached 2-2.5 m in height!!! Too bad I forgotten to take pictures of the water mark when I went there last week so I can show you guys. It was really high. Luckily his house was quite high, and it’s a 2-storey house, so they could stay at the 2nd floor while the flood was still there. But, there are some houses around them which aren’t as high as his, so yea, they were drowned inside the water. So kesian lar…

Hmm..when will the government take action for this? This every-5-year-flood is now becoming an annual event…

Oh my country…

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