This is true!

Ok..I was browsing through my old post and found this

And now I realize it’s true!! *Except the first sentence lar. I’m not quickly and easily falling in love*

Kinda scary that it’s true. Lol :p

5 thoughts on “This is true!

  1. Awwww..I’m so touchh….T.TLOL Free proxy tu buat akses blocked sites gitu nek..Hahaha…对不起啦。昨天我很累,所以我睡得很早..ehehehe…

  2. Wakakak..looks like I’m angrier than u r..LOL..oh well, that quiz in my blog is true..i protect people that are important to me..*awww..rn’t u touch…lol*Free proxy?what’s that? ol now..where r ya?payah..pdhal 明天是星期六!为什么你不有点儿晚睡觉??

  3. LOL! Yeah..n after reading my comment again..I think that’s a very fitting comment.. “i have faith in u AS LONG AS…”NOT ANYMORE I’M NOT!!That is kinda of true nek..the result..though I think the part..”u want to see ur love all the time” isn’t true… BECAUSE although it’s hard, U were doing just fine with LD, THE OTHER PARTY is the one WHO DIDN’T!DON’T WORRY SIS!! U’ll get over it soon!! I’ll be here for u!!!

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