My chio bag. lol

One of the chio-est item I’ve ever purchased:

so chio riteeeee? *tell me it is!!* hehehe…

Spotted this darling at the Sanrio shop in one of the shopping malls in Zhong Guan Cun when I accompanied Nath to bought an MP4. Both of us fell in love at the first sight, but she didn’t buy it cos she has just spent quite a lot on an MP4 and 2 pairs of pants.

Love the soft pink color (ok, it doesn’t look so nice in the photo. mind the lights in my room) and the simple but nice design. Sumore it’s big enough for me to throw my stuffs in.

Sigh…I can’t seem to stop my liking (read: obsession) for shoes and bags… >.<

2 thoughts on “My chio bag. lol

  1. LOL yay! hahahaha :pU mean monkichi? nope, they don’t have it. In fact, they only have a few sanrio characters in the shop. Almost 90% of the products are Hello Kitty’s. Lol. The rest are cinnamoroll and my melody. hahaha

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