My super belated 21st bday photos

(Yes yes yes, I know this post is super duper late. Late for almost 3.5 months! lol. Actually I have type this post out like…1.5 months ago? But I haven’t published it due to laziness of photo editing. I had to edit so many photos la *which in the end I decided to just resize them as they were too many…Lol :p*. You see what happens to my “Muchi in Beijing” post. Hahahaha)


I got 2 surprises from friends on my birthday:

20 November 2007, 00:00

Wuaaa..cheese cake cheese cakeeee!!! *drooling*

Me: “Share me some la, you rakus!!!”
Muchi: No wayyy!! Get off get off! this is all mineee!!!”

My roommate kisses me! Muach!

With my “mak” and…oi, I took picture with you oredi la, J!

Rita, Jess (, and Helen

Muchi was so obsessed with the cheese birthday cake that he kept on disturbing me so he could run away with the cake…

And finally, a group photo ^^ …

Thanks gals! Love u all. XOXO!

20 November, erm…around 11pm I supposed…

I was just went back to my room from Muchi’s. Was burning photos into a CD (and will went back upstairs after it’s done) when he called and asked me to go upstairs to his room because he wanted to say something…

“Later la. I am burning photos into CD for you right now. I will go down as soon as the burning is done,k?”

“Nevermind the burning la. Just come down now. Quick quick!!”

“ mafan la. why didn’t you tell me earlier on?!” *getting pissed a bit*

“I forgotten. Come down now. Ok ok?”

“Haihzzzz so mafan. Ok la ok la!!” *pissed*

So I left the burning process and went upstairs. Since his card key is with me, so I can open the door by myself…

then I saw LOTS of sandals inside the room…

I was like o_O

then I heard people suddenly keep silent after a being a bit noisy…

then I heard people singing Happy Birthday…

I was shock, then I saw Mei Ling, our ban zhang (erm..class representative), then my classmates, then some others…Helen was holding a birthday cake…

Awwwww..another birthday surprise for me! :))

Feeding the first cake to Muchi
Birthday facial ritual…

And the group photo…

Thanks a lot friends!!! 😀

After the birthday bash is over, I got another surprise from Muchi. But I won’t tell you what it is *winks*. Lol

2 thoughts on “My super belated 21st bday photos

  1. LOL!I’ll prolly post mine months from now too!what was the surprise?!?!O~I’ve a shocking thing too…but I’ll let u know when I blog..hahaha

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