Green green greenie

I’m not a fan of green. In fact, I used to hate green last time cos I thought it’s an ugly color. But quite some time ago, I’m kinda ok with green. As long as the shade is nice, of course. hahahaha..

And I’ve purchased 2 greenies items a few weeks back…

I love this shoes so much! The green shade is nice, and the model is nice as well! Lots of people have been commenting on how nice they are. I’m happy if got people comment on how nice my stuffs are. LOL :p

And this one…

I’m soooooo love this tee! The green shade is almost the same with the shoes..ermm a bit lighter larr..

But the best thing is, I like the prints!!! So niceeeeee :))

The back…

I got this tee from Bliss..

It’s a Japanese brand. Their t-shirts’ designs are just nice! Like those cartoony type of designs. I like most of them.

Sumore I got this tee for cheap, weii..hahaha. RMB50. Original price RMB68. I love discount! Hahaha..

But I haven’t found any other place that sells this brand here. I got this in a shop in Fu Zhuang in WuDaoKou area. Fu Zhuang itself is one big building where you can buy clothes and accessories by bargaining. Yes, there are lots of this kind of places in China. And in China, you can bargain almost everything, even food and karaoke! LOL

I love my new greenies ^^

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