Easter is coming REALLY soon

So today is Holy Saturday. A part of the Easter Triduum. But truthfully, I didn’t go to church on Maundy Thursday and Good Friday *Forgive me, God!*

I will go to church tomorrow. Easter Sunday ma! 🙂


This semester is passing away like a snail. Omg, I feel like I’ve been studying for 2 or 3 months which in fact, I’ve just passed 1 month..wth -_-

Maybe because this semester is b.o.r.i.n.g. With the class teacher that we haven’t really used to. Since she is so different with our previous class teacher who was soooooo motherly-like and super nice!! We all miss her so much 😦

Oh, and this semester I don’t really feel like going out, compare to last sem. Dunno why. Just feel like lazy to go out here and there. And if I feel like going out, I’d prefer to go out by myself. All alone. Enjoying the world without the need to care for anybody else. I can explore new places which my friends probably do not like to go to. I can do whatever I want without the need to concern anyone who maybe doesn’t feel like doing it. I can go to other places after I’m done with one without being afraid to make other person tired or something, and I don’t need to wait for friends and stuffs. Isn’t it nice? Lol xp

So today, Holy Saturday, I am spending it by blog-walking 🙂

One thought on “Easter is coming REALLY soon

  1. Aiyooo..sister! if I’m there you know i’ll go anywhere w/ u!! since well we r too alike lha..n me never tired!!hahahaha..PLUS..I prolly won’t have anything to do either!wakakakak…we prolly go together and camwhoring or just walk wherever our feet take us!!ain’t that right?!like what we always did back home..at the mall..hahahahaha

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