Quick post before dinner

Feeling bo liao right now. There was a volley ball competition earlier on today. My class (初级七版) won 25-14 over 初级六班 *Viva my class! LOL*. I wasn’t in the team, though. Hehehe

At first we were already hopeless of winning. In the class this morning, we’ve told our class teacher that we don’t have to compete with the other class as we were surely lose. Lol

But heyy..we won!! 🙂

Will post the photos soon.

I’m going to a Japanese buffet restaurant with some girl friends soon. Soon as in around 20 minutes! 😀
Sushi and sashimi, I’m cominggggggggggggggggggggg *jumping happily*.

Sounds like some glutton girl eh? Lol :p

Next topic: The spring in Beijing is weird!

It doesn’t feel like those springs told in story books and like what I’ve heard about in other countries. Birds chipping, flowers blooming, sun shines, warm wind, picnics in the park, kids flying kites, and lovers walking hand in hand (ok, my imagination runs further a little). Forget those! Ok, maybe it’s true for the “flowers blooming” and “sun shines”, but the rest…no no no. Cold and strong winds are still often happen now. Feels just like autumn, not summer. And sometimes the wind is so freaking cold. What’s more, there is no more heater in school and dorm. Ok lar, no heater in the dorm is not a problem since I rareeeeeely use the heater even during winter anyway. But in school…oh my. It’s much colder INSIDE the school building than OUTSIDE. How can students study well if they are feeling cold inside the class lar?

Anyway, I just knew from a teacher yesterday that this kind of spring only happens in Beijing, whereas the other cities around China are experiencing normal spring. But I’m not sure about Harbin tho. It’s located even further in the northern.

*Just remember that I haven’t posted my Harbin trip pictures xp*

Haihz…hope it will be “real” spring soon le. But yeaahh..people. When it’s cold, we ask for warmer weather. When it’s hot (summer), we want winter. Never satisfied.

Oh, and sista, I still can’t post comments on your blog. Dunno what’s wrong with blogger. Maybe because I’m using free proxy that’s why sometimes it’s a bit hard for me to comment?

Shall stop here then. Ciao! Will update again soon 🙂

One thought on “Quick post before dinner

  1. LOL!!Sista!of coz lha..spring is always like that..since it’s continuos from winter..hahaha..birds do chrip tho..LOL!U just like moi!me never use heater either..my sis often going crazy ’cause of it..hihihihi..double2 slimut gitu dia..wakakkak..u know me..i LOVE cold..remember my room back home!?hihihiAWWW…That’s suck lha!!!i wanna know what u think about my “transformation” 😦

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