[15 March 2008]

OMG i got LOTSSSSSSSS of photos to post and I dunno where to start!

I will separate them into a few parts then.

Ok lar, let me start with a trip with “seniors” to ate a very nice Korean-style chicken at Wu Dao Kou (五道口). I dunno what’s the name of the restaurant and the food, but the taste..yum yummmmm 😉

The first stage..

Doesn’t look appetizing, huh?

The waitress cut the chicken meat for us…
…and mixed it with the veggies and sauce together…

and…taraaa!! It may not look that nice in the photo, but trust me, the taste is sooo much better than it looked 🙂

After filling our tummy, we went to a bookshop nearby…

Most of the books sold are mandarin lessons’. Got Korean lesson also, but mostly are Mandarin (ya laaa, it’s a Chinese bookstore after all!).

They kinda look the same from behind…

Then we stop by at a shopping mall near the subway station. Ok, I forgot what’s the name…But they have these super cute mascots…

Omg, isn’t it just cute or what?

I love the lights on the ceiling…

And they have Marilyn Monroe there!

ROFL. The Marilyn is just so funny lah!

After walking around for awhile, we had our tea time there at Grandma’s Kitchen (祖母的厨房).

I love this place! I like the ambiance, the interior design, and the food!! 😀

Even their name card is cute!

It feels like home. Ohhhhh…I love it I love it!! 😀

Their apple pie is really tempting and yummy! *droolsss*

My apple cake! Deliiiciiousss 😀
The french fries with cheese is also super yummy!

The milkshake ermm…for me, the milky smell is a bit too strong, but overall it’s good

The glass reminds me of Char Chan Teng. Hahaha

Nat and Cie Doris with her delicious chocolate cake. The cake was really filling and the chocolaty taste was like….REALLY REALLY chocolaty!

All of us…

And it’s a nice place for camwhoring. Hahahahaha 😀

Camwhoring in the toilet…

I like the mirror!

Hamsap girls *shakes head*…

*Tusuk udel MArilyn XD* Lol :p

I think we spent more time camwhoring than eating :p

Talking about the cute mascots, we saw them like everywhere in the mall.

And all of them are just so cute! XD

Got balloons of the Hello Kitty show there

Before going back home, we stopped by at a Kimbab (Korean sushi) stall. The kimbab here is nice and cheap. RMB12 for a whole long of it.

Camwhoring (again) in the alley while waiting for our Kimbabs…

And playing with the balloons too!


A very rare photo! Afun with PINK balloons!!

This much (around 12 pieces) for RMB12
And it’s yummy!

Visit a Korean supermarket…

And that closes the trip itinerary for today 🙂

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