Beijing Coca Cola Factory


姐妹跟妈妈. LOL



Ok, the only thing I like about this factory is the Exhibition Gallery. That’s all. I think the 燕京啤酒厂 is more interesting than this.

Come come, buy coke here. 20 yuan per bottle!

I like the merchandises here!
A nice idea for a living room. Hahaha…

I want this light in my room..Steal steal! Hahaha..

So niceeee! 天坛 (Temple of Heaven) from Coke cans!

Coke in various languages
Let’s watch movies in this Coke cinema

We also got to see the production process, la of course.

And we got free coke as well. I didn’t take it since I’m not a soda drinker


3 thoughts on “Beijing Coca Cola Factory

  1. Ahhh..yeah..that thing..I saw it art history teacher who is chinese well us lha..since we r learing chinese contemporary art history..or something like that..tons of Mao’s stuff too..-_-“

  2. Hahahaha…it’s a jalan2 trip And today I went to see the olympic ‘bird nest’! *Altho we could only saw it from across the street* -_-“will post the photos soon 😉

  3. Ok..this is weird..usually schools that go to see “food/drink production” are food science lha..why u went there?!?!LOL!?!NIWEIZ!!THIS SUCK!U still can’t comment or reply my comment ma?!!?aihhh…

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