The National Centre for Performing Arts, Beijing

Last 2 Saturdays (means 2 weeks back), I went for a photo trip to the National Centre for Performing Arts. I suddenly had this urge to snap some day and night-shots of that dome-shaped theater, so I went there alone. It’s better for me to go alone when I want to do a photo-trip as I don’t have to be worried whether my friends are boring, and so on and so on.

Another purpose is to check the latest show schedule there, since I’ve been wanting to watch a show (whatever it is: ballet, musical, recital,…) there ever since I went there for the first time with my parents when they came to visit me here in Beijing last December ๐Ÿ™‚

Located nearby Tian An Men, this contemporary theater building is…magnificent! The way they design it so it looks like floating on the water, and the material they used (titanium and glass) makes it look very nice especially at night with the lights on.

The left side on the photo is the glass, and the right side is the titanium

If you go there by subway, drop by at ๅคฉๅฎ‰้—จ่ฅฟ็ซ™ (Tian An Men West station), exit from Exit B (if I’m not mistaken), and you can see the theater once you stepped outside the station (do turn back as it will be behind you). However, if you go there by bus, or on foot, you will see this entrance on the right side of the street (if you are heading towards Tian An Men)

As it can be seen in the photo, you can’t see the whole dome from the front. Go to the back and you can see it in full view.

The inside view…

I actually wanted to buy a ticket for the “Red Giselle” ballet performance on End of April or Early May (I forgot which one), but they are all sold out (I’ve been anticipating this since I came on mid of April, and the show will be showing in the next 2 weeks). So I tried to ask for “Swan Lake” which will be performed in JUNE.

But, the fortune goddess was not on me though…

ๅ”ฎ่ดงๅ‘˜: ็Žฐๅœจๅชๆœ‰880ๅ—้’ฑ็š„.
(Ticketing person: Now there’s only the RMB880 ticket left.)


Ok, nevermind lar, since I’ve watched Swan Lake before last time in Jakarta.

So I tried to ask for a piano recital which is on 27/28/29th April.

And again…

ๅ”ฎ่ดงๅ‘˜: ็Žฐๅœจๆœ€ไฝŽๅชๆœ‰480ๅ—้’ฑ็š„.
(Ticketing person: Now the cheapest ticket left is RMB480.)


Yea, I asked for the second cheapest ticket. I can’t afford the VIP or first class one lar. Student ma.

And finally, they still got tickets for a dance performance “My Dream” (ๆˆ‘็š„ๆขฆ) which will be showing on May 1/2/3

Yay! *jumping with glee!~* ๐Ÿ˜€

Finally can watch a show there!! ๐Ÿ˜€

And so after happily got my ticket, I went outside again, snaps a few photos, and waited for the sun to set…

And when the sun was starting to go to sleep,

Not dark enough for a pretty night shot, I decided to went back inside…

And I saw LOTS of people q-ing to get in for the shows…

So when the sun finally went to bed, I went back outside…

Soooo pretty right? ๐Ÿ˜€

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