Beijing Olympic Stadium and The National Aquatics Center

When the school announced that we were (finally, after being delayed for some time) going to visit the Olympic’s “bird nest”, I was jumping with glee, like OMG finally can see the famous nice olympic bird nest!!! Although we were going to see it from the OUTSIDE since we couldn’t go in, nevermind la. At least still can see from UP CLOSE.

And so, last week we went to see it…from OUTSIDE. And when they mentioned OUTSIDE, I was thinking of OUTSIDE as in just OUTSIDE the entrance or something. What will you have in mind if they said they will bring you to see it from OUTSIDE?

But as we get off the bus,…

…I couldn’t see any sign of the bird nest!

Not even a bit…

“Yui, 鸟巢在哪儿呀? 看不见!” , me said.
(“Yui, where’s the bird nest? I can’t see it!”)

“对!哪里呀?很寄怪!” , Yui answered.
(Right! Where is it? So strange!”)

I suddenly had this bad feeling when the teacher asked us to go to the bridge nearby and come back to the bus in 20 minutes…

Yes, you were reading it correctly. 20 freaking minutes!

I was like huh? 20 minutes enough to visit it mehh?

Uh oh! Don’t tell me that we’re just gonna ‘visit’ it from the bridge…

And I was correct…..


Moved to the other side of the bridge to see…

What is happening there? So freaking many people….

Anyway, these two- brand-new-buildings-specially-build- for-the-Beijing-Olympic-2008 are supposedly look pretty at night…

Picture taken from the official website of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games

Well, at least I DO visited them, right? Lol X)

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