Tokugawa (德川家)

There are quite a number of buffet Japanese restaurants in Beijing. I’ve tried Tokugawa (德川家) in HaiDian district (海淀区) area, near the famous electronics-selling area Zhong Guan Cun (中关村). This Tokugawa restaurant has a few shops in Beijing.

I went there early this month with a few girl friends. Here’s the glutton team:

They have 4 different prices here, and the food, of course, have some differences between them. The cheapest is A = RMB 88 (If I’m not mistaken), followed by B = RMB 108, C = RMB 167 (If I’m not mistaken), and the most expensive is D = RMB 200 something. We chose the second level (B) which is RMB 108. For the C and D, you get to choose soft drinks and sake as the beverages, which you won’t be able to have if you chose A and B. Clearly the D price has the most extensive choices of beverages and food.

At first we were seated at a VIP room (sorry, no pic for the room). After that only we found out that if we sit there, we can only order for the C and D price (RMB 167 and 200something). So we moved to the outside seating so we can order the cheaper one. We don’t have that much money lehh..student!

This is the table we were seating at…

And so our glutton mode were all on.

I straight away chose salmon sashimi and banana sushi. Below are the food we ate. Some we even ordered twice.

Overall, the food are satisfying, although some are just ‘okay’. Personally, I like the fresh selection of the sashimi the most (as a salmon and sashimi lover, of course I do. Lol), followed by the banana sushi, the enoki mushroom rolled in beef, grilled shitake, crab milk croquette, and the grilled shitake. The only one I’m surely not interested to try for the second time is the nato sushi. We just tried it out of curiosity. I was always curious of how nato tastes, and now I can announce that I don’t like nato! But well, who knows it will change in the future if I suddenly find a place that sells nice nato or something? Lol.

6 thoughts on “Tokugawa (德川家)

  1. …..i take back my words then -_-wakakakakakakak xpya ada beberapa yang kita ga bisa makan nek. masi banyak yang bisa dimakan lagi cuma kita ga pesen semuanya..

  2. WHY OF COZ!I’M TOTALLY IRREPLACEABLE!LOL!Ow..jadi kan lo cuma bayar skali n bisa makan smuanya kan?apa itu limited within the menu?jadi makannya itu2 aja?

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