I’m supposed to sleep now, yet I’m blogging…

Afong and her 2 girl friends are coming down to Beijing on Tuesday. Can’t wait 🙂

Oh, and mid-term exams starts tomorrow. 听力(listening) and 口语 (speaking) will be the first 2 subjects I’ll face tomorrow. Followed by 阅读 (reading) on Tuesday, and 汉语 (mandarin) on Wednesday. After that will be 3 days holiday (due to Labor day. Hey, It’s supposed to be a week holiday next week – my cousin in Guang Zhou is having her holiday now, and Afong as well, that’s why she’s coming down to Beijing).

My exams were supposed to be last week, but they pushed it to next week -_-“

And after that 3 days holiday, the ‘real’ holiday is coming. I’m going to Jiang Xi (江西)
with school. One of the places we’re gonna visit is the famous Yellow Mountain (黄山)


Off to sleep. Wish me luck! 😀

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