Cold Stone Creamery

Yoohooooooo it’s my favorite time of a week again: WEEKEND!!!! 😀 😀 😀 *jumping with joy*

I sooooo love weekends! Cos I can do whatever I want, stay up late and so on without the worry of having to come to class on the next day as it’s holiday 😀

But it’s an exception for Sunday.

Anyhoooo, there’s another shopping mall here that can be categorized as one of my favorites in Beijing. It’s a (now it’s not-so) new place in Xidan called Joy City (西单 大悦城). This building houses lots of famous international brands as well as China’s expensive local brands. A nice place for shopping and snacking.

One of my fave places here is Cold Stone Creamery.

Originally from Tempe, Arizona, now it has arrived in Beijing!

Omg omg omg seriously I loooveeee their ice cream!!

It’s just soft and doesn’t melt quickly like normal ice cream.

And you can choose either their signature creation or you can even create your own mixing!

If you choose to have your own mixing, first of all, choose your ice cream flavor…

what’s your flava?

Then choose your toppings (If you choose to have your own mixing, your first topping will be FOC)…

from MnM’s to peanuts…
…to Nestle’s Butterfinger and Reese’s peanut butter bowl (one of my fave sweets!)

Then choose whether you want to add a waffle or just eat it on a cup…

And then it’s the part that makes this creamery unique in its’ own way…

Mixing the ingredients together on the cold granite stone!

And the final outcome…

Our own mixing of chocolate ice cream and Reese’s peanut butter bowl.

This is one of their signature creations: Cheesecake fantasy (cheesecake ice cream, strawberry, blueberry, and graham biscuit crumbs)

And the taste is 😀 😀 😀

These are their signature creations:

Besides ice cream, they also have drinks (smoothies and shakes)…

They are supposed to have cakes as well but they haven’t got them now. Too bad.

Aside from their sweet stuffs, the place itself is nice for a relax ice-creaming (ok, that’s my own term) time with friends or your loved ones *winks*

The price maybe is a bit expensive for a cup of ice cream, but it definitely is worth every cent. The small cup costs RMB27 for their signature creations, RMB 25 is you want to do your own mixing. The medium cup costs around RMB30, and the big cup costs around RMB50. If you want to do your own mixing, it’s RMB2 cheaper. And you need to add another RMB2 if you want to add waffle.

I’ve just been there twice, but I’ll go back, definitely.

Cold Stone Creamery Beijing:

1. 新中关门市 The Gate Store
11, Mf, No. 19, Zhong Guan Cun Street (The Gate Mall), Beijing

2. 国贸门市 China World Store
北京市朝阳区建国门外大街1号国贸商城地下一层 SB122A + 123B铺位
SB122A + 123B, No. 1, Jian Guo Men Wai Street (China World Shopping Mall), Beijing

3. 燕莎门市 Yansha Outlets Store
1016, Tower C, Dong Si Huan Gong Da Qiao (Yansha Oulets), Beijing

4. 西单 大悦城门市 Joy City Store
B1-25, Joy City, Xi Cheng Qu, Beijing

5. 欧陆广场门市 Euro Plaza Store
北京市天竺镇裕翔路99号L108 – 109 店铺
L108-109, No. 99, Yu Xiang Road, Beijing

2 thoughts on “Cold Stone Creamery

  1. Hihihi..just arrived there ma?Try the blackforest dream yummy..don’t have in the list? just ask for brownies, cherries and choco fudge!!yummy!!!!!LOL!!I always buy my bday cake from them too!!yummm

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