A belated wish

I know I’m so late for this, but…


or as how I usually say it “Peh Cun” (Hokkien)

or “Duan Wu Jie (端午节)”

We’re supposed to eat Bakcang on that day, BUT sooo sadly, I couldn’t get to eat Indonesian bakcang T_____________T

So I had to be satisfied with China’s bakcang, which is not nice =(

Well, maybe those I’ve tried are the not really nice ones, so yea…

I’ve tried 2 types, the sweet and savory ones. And the bakcang here is smalllll…so small compare to Indo’s ones..

Ohhh how I missed the bakcang from Medan…with mushroom, mince pork, and egg yolk stuffed inside…

Someone please send those yummy yummy bakcangs to me here T_______________________T

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