Bye-bye plastic bags

Starting from June 1st 2008, the China’s government has banned plastic bags in China, and prohibit the usage of thin plastic bags (forgotten how thick is the measurement), so we need to pay if we want to get plastic bags from the supermarkets, usually it range from RMB0.2-RMB0.4 (as far as I know), and the plastic bags are those recyclable ones.

So when I went to Carrefour last week (it’s been ages since the last time I shopped there), I brought my own tote to reduce the usage of plastic bags. Such a good girl, am I? Lol :p

But some places still use plastic bags, tho. Like in those bargain markets, for instance.
And the plastic bags they are using are those thin thin ones that has been banned, supposedly. Hahahaha…

And today, I went to the book store near my place and get myself two books 🙂

No plastic bags. Instead, they wrapped them with a small paper and tied them with plastic rope. Talk about going back to the past 😉

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