Elvis Ramen (福神东京料理)

No, not a ramen cooked by Mr. Presley. If it is so, I wouldn’t have gone there..So scary lor!

So we knew this Ramen restaurant from an Indo magazine here. After reading the review, my makan team and I couldn’t wait to give it a try! And so, on one Tuesday afternoon, after class, off we gooooooo~

The restaurant is located in Jin Cheng Fang Street (金城坊街), a business area in Xi Cheng District 西城区, Beijing. It is near from my place. Only RMB10 by taxi (fyi: for taxis in Beijing, the first 3 kms is RMB10)

That was the first time I went there. The area is kinda posh, with lots of buildings and wide streets with businessmen/women walking along them.

And there weren’t a lot of people there (I wonder why) so it’s kinda convenient to walk around the streets as they have lots of dining places there!

Walk along the street and we arrived at Elvis Ramen!


The interior…well, the place isn’t that big, but it feels so Jappy. Lol

The first floor
The second floor

A shelf with Hello Kitty dolls. So cute leh!

We sat at the table in the middle as there were 8 of us. And the table is so cute lor…

We’re stuck within the bamboos!

And just to give you the idea of how the table looks like…

Yohei said that this place is very famous in Japan (yea, it’s origin from Jap), and the ramen is expensive. He said if converted to RMB, it will be around RMB60-70 per bowl!! o_O

Choose choose…

And here comes the food…

I ordered what the magz suggested: Grand Rib Soup Ramen (秘制骨汤拉面)…

And it’s super delicious, can?!

With RMB33, it really is worth every cent!

The portion is big, the meat tastes very nice, the egg is whole, and the soup is heavenly!!

And I don’t know how did they boil the egg because the yolk is unusual, but the taste is really nice lor! Now where can you find ramen with a whole egg in it? Usually they will just give you half right?

This is Nath’s. I forgotten what’s the name, but the soup is Miso soup. Tastes nice also! 🙂

Nath, Nia, Helen, and I ordered these gyozas for RMB 12…

Undoubtedly, it left a good taste in our mouth as well. Aaahhhhh~

So in short, the food is really really satisfying! Really can make those Ramen lovers went crazy lor! Lol


F4-3 Jinchengfang Street, Xicheng District (across Financial Street Plaza)

Tel: (010) 66220388

URL: http://www.elvis.co.jp

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