Preparing for going back for good (for the 2nd time)

Today I’ve sent 2 boxes of my lovely stuffs back to Indo as, of course, I can’t manage to bring ALL of them at once!

And those 2 boxes weigh around 28 kgs…and it burned a hole in my pocket by spending RMB449.40… T_T

Nevermind. The most important thing now is…

It’s only 12 DAYS LEFT until I’m going back for good to Indo…

Yea, it will be my 2nd time of going back for good.

6 thoughts on “Preparing for going back for good (for the 2nd time)

  1. LOL!knp pas balik kmaren lo ga bawa pulang barang2 coba?!hahaha..gile 2 box brp berate tuh nek?prasaan lo tinggal sono ga lama..bisa ampe berbox2 mulu sih lo!!hihihi

  2. LOL. tiket gue open tix sis. dari pas gue dateng taun lalu. USD600an kalo ga salah..garuda pula. pas sincia plg naek cathay aja cuma RMB4300..n it’s much much nicer…gilee..ahahaha…kalo jkt-bj kayak jkt-KL si gue pergi balik lagi da..haha

  3. OH MY!! How much is it for a plane ticket? knp ga pulang bawa barang2 n balik lagi? or minta sapa gitu dateng..HIHIIHIPS: gw tuh yg delete di post sblm ini..salah klik..hihihi

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