Bye2 Yui…

One of my good friends left Beijing today, back to Thailand (ermm…she’s paying Guang Zhou a visit first for a week or so, then only she flies back to Thai)

Nath and I cried when she was about to board the rented car…

I was trying to resist my tears at first, even when I hug her, because I didn’t want her to look at us crying and feel sad (Nath has already crying at this time)

But finally I couldn’t resist it anymore…(haiz..why am I so emo lar?)

*Hmm…this is the start of the friends-leaving season that will be start by next week…4th of June to be precise…Yuka is leaving Beijing on the 4th of June…She will be the second person leaving BLCC and I won’t see her again next semester as I won’t return back here…

And then one by one…we’ll all go on our own ways…*

Anyway, it’s been almost a year since the first time I knew Yui. She was my classmate in 初级二班 and in 初级七班 as well. Our friendship really began when we went to The Temple of Heaven (天坛公园) together with Nath last semester. This semester, you became Nath’s roomy and the I became closer with you 🙂

I feel so happy knowing you! A nice girl who is always there to help her friends whenever they need her. A kind girl who’s paying a good attention to her friends.

Well, although sometimes I feel a bit disappointed with your stone-headed behavior, but that doesn’t really matter, as basically you are a really nice friend 🙂

Goodbye Yui…All the best for you. Don’t know when can we meet again. Maybe on your wedding day? *wink* 😉

P’Ped, Yui, Nath, and I
Taken yesterday after our last lunch together…

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